Hi, my name is Kaisa and I am an amateur photographer currently living in Madrid, Spain (originally from Tallinn, Estonia). My love for photography started many years ago with the simple wish to document daily life as well my travels. I am most drawn to capturing urban environment and its people. 

I started this blog in January 2013 to push myself forward and shoot if not every day then at least every week (hence the 52 week photo project). During the project I have learned a lot of new things and pondered on different aspects of being a photographer and seeing the world. Moreover, I have started taking concert photography more seriously (again) trying to combine my two big passions - photography and music. 

This blog is here to document my journey as a photographer and to meet like-minded people all over the world. 


Ps. Initially the blog was called Reindeer Trails - the change in name has no effect on the content. 

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