Monday, April 29, 2013

City Girl

Appropriately so I pulled out a label today (from my 52 week jar) saying linna lummus. Yet again something I must have thought of 'cos it sounded nice in Estonian. In English it just doesn't sound the same, but close enough - city charm

Appropriately so because today I was staring at some extremely amazing pieces of art (yet again) and thinking how much it kicks ass to live in a big city and have all those possibilities. Possibilities to (almost) touch paintings that you once wrote about in your art history report in high school (in some other country, in another life time).

So, I try to catch up with taking photos and cover two topics in one week. 

And because it's one cold and rainy Monday I wanna share a message I got from a friend today. Sometimes simple spontaneous messages are just the best.  

heyyyyy you know what? life's amazing! it's spring, we're young, we're healthy (at least pretty much so) and able and capable of traveling and doing a lot of things


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Winter is Coming/Faded Memories of Paradise

Long story short, I didn't even touch my camera this week. So, yes, first failed week. However, I will make more than one project in the upcoming weeks, so in the end it makes out the same. And you know, don't get me wrong - I asked myself 'why?' more than once this week. I just didn't manage to translate it into images.  

Since it seems like winter has decided to return to Madrid I leave you with some photos from my Mallorca trip. A sweet reminder of paradise and sunshine. Always handy when those wintery winds get the best of you (I have developed a severe addiction to honey with ginger and cups of tea). A week ago it was (not) all about listening to music on the beach and climbing rocks - possibly the perfect holiday. I can see how I could do that more often.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 16: Speed

Speed is something that could possibly describe this whole month (alongside with positively insane). I think like a half year's worth of activities have all been squeezed into one month. But heyhello, as long as I can keep on going it's all worth it. Like was this fun weekend in Mallorca. So photos are all from Mallorca and they were taken from the backseat of a car. Going fast. Using slow shutter speed and panning. So you know, we weren't actually flying through the roads. 



Friday, April 19, 2013

Straightforwardly Disposable aka The Mexican Affair

Summer season has kicked in. Looking at the photos I happily picked up from the local photo store last weekend I can't believe they were taken in the same country some ten days ago. We have gone from winter to summer. Skipping spring is what the cool kids do?! 
So, my first disposable camera experience. Two reactions: 1) wow, something that costs 3.50 can take a picture and not the worst kind; 2) oh gosh, getting a film developed costs about three times more than the camera. However, you do get the unique experience queuing at the photo store, learning about fabulous (?!??) photo products like bracelets with photos (of yourself for example) or the amazing world of photo books (the new "it" thing, at least when looking for a gift for a grandma 'cos surely all grandmas love glittery kitschy things). Obviously I get too many (photography related) things done online if a real life shop visit offers me so much excitement. 

On a side note: up until the end I was not sure that this thing even had film inside. And it kept on firing flash. A machine with an attitude. We called it my Mexican lover, because well, it was made in Mexico. And did get too much attention for an inanimate object.

Photos below are as they came out of camera, I did not edit them. Just to point out that I do not have light yellow glasses or whatever. Also in most cases I lost the ability to frame things differently from when I was like ten. You know, in the center.
In our apartment we had an Oscar (among other curiously fun things)
Living the life. 17 again!? Probably all 17 year olds would disagree. I do apologize.
Okay, I love this one. Life is on film. Taken by some punk rock looking kids. 

It took me about two hours to fill the film (time also known as The Mexican Affair in San Sebastian). It was fun for all of us. For what it's worth in the end it's expensive if you compare to the price of a cheap digital point and shoot then... pointless. BUT. The excitement when you pick up the photos. The waiting. That's kinda cool. It used to be normal and now it's like unbelievable weirdness, right. Also, totally hipster. I do admit. (Okay I feel like I should re-name the blog Confessions of a Wannabe Hipster)

Last but not least. A photo of a stranger. I decided I need to work on asking people I don't know if I can take their picture, because I have been joggling with some ideas that contain taking photos of people. Straightforwardness. Felt easier with a quirky camera (at a bar during lunch time). I didn't catch his name or anything as we were in a hurry (my bus was leaving), but I can always recommend you the bar (it was real nice). 

Thank you old and new friends for the fun non-disposable time and modeling for The Mexican Lover!


Ps. When I look at this post I get the feeling like I have traveled way back in time. As if all of it did not happen just two weeks ago, but years ago. Film-effect?!

Monday, April 15, 2013


A quick post saying that this week I am all about speed. Speed as in physical thing - whoosh. Not speed as drugs (well at least in the late 90s there was a drug called speed; I don't really follow the drug market tbh). 

And just because I can I want to share this photo here. My favorite from Andorra. Totally appropriate as we have like total summer here in Madrid now. 

Have a lovely week! Play in snow, play in sun. Just play!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 15: Away

This time I have three subcategories for the weekly theme. First one derives from the simple fact that I was away this week. Physically. I spent some 20 hours in a car. I think ever since I got my iPhone 4S over a year ago I am smitten with snapping shots out of the window. I also used to do that with my "real camera" back in the days, but mostly out of plane windows. Surreal blurry moments, cows, clouds, setting suns and snow storms. Most of the time I am happy to be on the go.  Give me some music and a camera and I am good to go. In the backseat.

First four snapshots are from last week's Madrid-Bilbao-SanSebastian-Madrid trip. The rest from Madrid-Andorra-Barcelona-Madrid. 

Secondly, I was spending two nights in a hotel room and somehow they all look the same and contain "away" items. Magazines and bottles of drinks I usually consume when away (e.g. Coca-Cola). Random shows (but usually CNN or BBC) on TV. Tons of lamps, but no real light. Small soaps. Etc. 

Thirdly, there is this mental "away". Being yourself while trying to squeeze into some other identity and subculture. Time-travel if you wish. With the disposable camera we time-traveled and also, well, what could be more hipster, aye. So little 90s me in year 2013. Ps. I was nothing like that in the 90s! 

There is no place like home. You must have some really compelling reasons to get me out of my home. At the same time I need to get away now and then (and often enough!). Physically and mentally. This gives me a sense of freedom and insane amount of inspiration, inspiration for life.

Okay, but it's finally spring (read: summer!) in Madrid. Time to brush dust off the terrace furniture and enjoy some strawberries and cava. Some girl-talk, too. Have a lovely Sunday!