Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Piece of Paper with a Beat

It all comes down to this - you either as awesome of a detective as Ted on How I Met Your Mother. Or then you can actually figure out things. Simple things. Kaisa likes music. Pretty self-evident to anyone reading this blog. 

Two years in Madrid. Maybe half (or one third) of the concerts I have been to... I don't hold on to tickets that have been printable at home and look like well... a piece of A4 paper. 

I had so much fun taking those photos 'cos I just poured the tickets out of a storage tin on the table and suddenly I had this whole sea of memories.

So, yes, anything can suddenly become a small photo project. Or a personal story. Or a confession - yes I am, I am addicted to music. And to photography. But you already knew that.

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have "useless" stuff stored away that could benefit from a breath of fresh air? Maybe even earn a photo session like my tickets!?

Have a good week, it's almost weekend!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Look Up, Steal Away

Time traveling is in order - all the way back to fall 2004. It's when I learned that stealing makes a good teacher. No, I don't mean you should steal something from others, of course not (duh). However, I think it totally pays off to check out what others do and get inspiration from there. 

If you have ever been a tourist in Helsinki, Finland, then you probably have seen the Sibelius monument. I was hanging out there when I saw this guy lying on the ground taking a photo. I wanted to see what he saw, so I went ahead and did the same. I took this photo.

From that day on I look up a lot. And down. And around the corner. Looking for different angles. And ever so often checking out what others are doing, too. From photography to crafts to whatnot. So this is my public cheer for positive "stealing" - taking ideas and making them our own. :) 

How's your week coming along? Some new ideas to be tried out?


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 46: Blossoms / Week 45: Flow of Time

Hibernation in process.  Pause.

This week's topic - blossoms - had to be "picked" in the comfort of my home, because nothing lured me outside into the cold and rain. I like cold and rain... when I am tucked up indoors. So, iPhone 4S and VSCO Cam app were my photo-friends today.

I just really wanna catch up (because being on schedule is more important than quality?! seriously?! ...). Last week's topic was 'Flow of Time'. My old iPod nano (4th gen) broke down (it plays music when docked, but the battery runs flat in an instant sometimes) and I had to get a new one ('cos if you know me you know I cannot go a day without on-the-go music player). So this is a little commemoration to my little pink companion through the years.

It feels so weird that in such a short time (read: five years, yikes) iPod nano has gone from awesome click-wheel to this tiny iPhone sibling. I feel almost sentimental. Technological flow of time.

Hibernation in process. Resume.


Sunday, November 10, 2013


When it goes up, it has to go come down, too.

In continuation to my little Project Sunrise I decided it is only appropriate to pay a little tribute to sunsets as well. Can't help but wonder that aliens have taken over the sky. Somehow autumn-winter sunsets are more awesome. 

Other than that a lot goes on when the sun is down. Check out my latest addition to concert photos on my Facebook page. Youth Lagoon from US and Absolutely Free from Canada played in Madrid last night. 


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project Sunrise

This is a perfectly fine example of how a grumpy Monday can lead to a fun mini-project. I am not sure everything has to be a project, but then again if you say you're working on a project it suddenly sounds oh-so-important. Not like: hey, I am hanging here snapping photos of the sky with my iPhone. That's just lame. ;)

So, in mid-October I snapped a photo of a beautiful sunrise. And suddenly it turned into a 7-day project. My October week in morning skies.

All shot with iPhone 4S, edited with VSCO Cam, text added with Over and posted on Instagram

No, I did not black out on Saturday, I just had to get up at 6 a.m. to catch a bus to Salamanca (day trip!). And Sunday wasn't exceptionally sunny early on, I just got up way later than on weekdays (related also to the aforementioned day trip). As for the rest of the days - all photos taken more or less around the same time.

Best part of this project?! Suddenly mornings got more exciting and I just couldn't wait to see how the sky looks. Also, I love owning something that makes up a week. Possibly related to the fact that when I was a kiddo underwear with weekdays on them was a hit. As they say - all roads lead to childhood (wait, what?!). 

Happy mid-week!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 44: Blue (Monday)

I blame the guys in the gummy bear industry. For confusing evening darkness. Saw a headline somewhere that the whole daylight saving fuss is caused by candy industry. Didn't read the article. But the photo of gummy bears was enough of proof. Okay, it's just - the evenings get so dark so early these days plus the mornings ain't that light either.

So it's appropriate enough to share some Monday blues. Of course the easy logical way to shoot 'blue' is to shoot stuff that's blue. Just like that.

However, the real blue is when stuff just blurs out and the sky is closing on you. Happens to most people now and then. Not only on Mondays.

Happy blue Monday, y'all and remember - Garfield has no reason to hate Mondays, he doesn't go to work (see, watching The Big Bang Theory makes me oh-so-smart). 


Sunday, November 3, 2013

One Place, Three Ways (Part III)

Black and white are colours, too! And ever so often they can tell a story more intense than the rainbow ever could. 

So, yes, green house can sometimes look black and white and still kick ass.

This concludes my impromptu mini-project on how to shoot the same location in three different ways. Any favourites? You can see part I here and part II here.

And hey, if you haven't already done so then make sure you check out my Facebook page. Among other things there are some new concert pics up!

Thank you for taking a look and until next time! 


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Post Halloween Pumpkin

Toothbrushes! If only had I known you can give kiddos toothbrushes! Yup, I'd be that mean. Well, actually I don't think old candy cane is any better, but frankly I had no idea any kiddo will show up at my door step. I though Halloween is the kind of imported holiday round here where people dress up and party, but don't trick and treat. So, as you might have guessed, I wasn't all Halloween-y. 

However, since I have a black metal fireplace and and an orange wall I really liked the idea of a pumpkin decoration. Something cute (yes, I did say the word 'cute' when mentioning Halloween). So I grabbed one of them mini-pumpkins and turned it into a small lantern. I have no pumpkin carving experience and no skills (and tools, do you need special tools?!). So it all went down like this. One day after Halloween.

So I used stuff from my toolbox, a little knife and a black Sharpie and snapped photos with iPhone 4s and edited with VSCO Cam.

Happy post-Halloween-cute-pumpkin-day!