Friday, April 19, 2013

Straightforwardly Disposable aka The Mexican Affair

Summer season has kicked in. Looking at the photos I happily picked up from the local photo store last weekend I can't believe they were taken in the same country some ten days ago. We have gone from winter to summer. Skipping spring is what the cool kids do?! 
So, my first disposable camera experience. Two reactions: 1) wow, something that costs 3.50 can take a picture and not the worst kind; 2) oh gosh, getting a film developed costs about three times more than the camera. However, you do get the unique experience queuing at the photo store, learning about fabulous (?!??) photo products like bracelets with photos (of yourself for example) or the amazing world of photo books (the new "it" thing, at least when looking for a gift for a grandma 'cos surely all grandmas love glittery kitschy things). Obviously I get too many (photography related) things done online if a real life shop visit offers me so much excitement. 

On a side note: up until the end I was not sure that this thing even had film inside. And it kept on firing flash. A machine with an attitude. We called it my Mexican lover, because well, it was made in Mexico. And did get too much attention for an inanimate object.

Photos below are as they came out of camera, I did not edit them. Just to point out that I do not have light yellow glasses or whatever. Also in most cases I lost the ability to frame things differently from when I was like ten. You know, in the center.
In our apartment we had an Oscar (among other curiously fun things)
Living the life. 17 again!? Probably all 17 year olds would disagree. I do apologize.
Okay, I love this one. Life is on film. Taken by some punk rock looking kids. 

It took me about two hours to fill the film (time also known as The Mexican Affair in San Sebastian). It was fun for all of us. For what it's worth in the end it's expensive if you compare to the price of a cheap digital point and shoot then... pointless. BUT. The excitement when you pick up the photos. The waiting. That's kinda cool. It used to be normal and now it's like unbelievable weirdness, right. Also, totally hipster. I do admit. (Okay I feel like I should re-name the blog Confessions of a Wannabe Hipster)

Last but not least. A photo of a stranger. I decided I need to work on asking people I don't know if I can take their picture, because I have been joggling with some ideas that contain taking photos of people. Straightforwardness. Felt easier with a quirky camera (at a bar during lunch time). I didn't catch his name or anything as we were in a hurry (my bus was leaving), but I can always recommend you the bar (it was real nice). 

Thank you old and new friends for the fun non-disposable time and modeling for The Mexican Lover!


Ps. When I look at this post I get the feeling like I have traveled way back in time. As if all of it did not happen just two weeks ago, but years ago. Film-effect?!


  1. What fun! It's so neat that you did this and the pictures turned out well. I still have about 5 films from my old film camera days, which I still have to develop. I keep thinking of bringing them in but then I think about the cost and wonder if it's worth it. It probably is, but now that taking lots of pictures is free once you've bought your camera, it is hard to think about paying for each one.

    1. Go get your films developed! They might lose in quality over time as film does expire. I think it's worth it even if not many photos turn out great. Even one awesome shot is worth it. :) But yeah, things have changed SO much over the years. I think thank to that I actually can take photography more seriously than ever before. It's more affordable. Because in the end you learn from the photos you take and if you try to manage the costs then film doesn't quite cut it.

  2. You brought back memories.....I used to use these cameras LIKE CRAZY. I still have boxes of photos that I go through every once in a while. Looks like you had a good time!!! Hasta luego amiga.

    1. Hola, amiga! :) Photos on paper are the best, so you really have boxes of treasure. :)