Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 35: Stone

When 'kivi' (stone, rock) popped up from my weekly project jar I felt a little jammed. There are awesome rocks and stones and mountains and all in Spain, but not exactly in central Madrid. I had some ideas that failed (like yeah, wow, crappy photo, rats). So, I decided to use what I have - the city and all its pavements and big stone buildings (okay, using the word 'stone' loosely here - anything that looks like stone, may it be asphalt, concrete etc ;)). I remembered having a lot of fun with multiple exposure in June (see the banana shot here), so I decided to give it another go. My aim was to give different elements on the street a stone-like texture. Kinda like this.

The shot above is my fave from the stone-series (I have some other favorites, but those I shall share in the future as they don't relate to the topic at hand).

All in all double exposure is a lot of trial and error. One can do it in Photoshop, but since I can do it in-camera, then well - in-camera gives instant idea what you might end up with. I like in-camera multiple exposure option. One could say I am a fan.

Also, of course, double exposure can be just fun. I am sure no-one thought it was weird when I shot my hand and then the land and then the hand... narcissistic weirdness is a winner at times. Gotta love the flowery version I have on Facebook (ahem, I tried to make a shadow animal; not my strongest suit). 

Other than that this weekend I have been listening to this song a lot and cooked some (that's to all you who ask me if I ever cook - I do!) and cleaned some. Visited a photo exhibition, watched Parks&Recs, Help! (life must have been so much fun in the 1960s!) and went to the local park and obviously - took photos of my hand. Good weekend. Hope it leads to a good new week.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 37: Fake

I am SO close to getting back on track with my weekly project updates. I feel accomplished. Even though you know I have been shooting SO (see, this whole caps lock monosyllable thing is growing on me) much more during those past weeks than I normally do. Traveling is inspirational. If I haven't already mentioned it then I will do so now - I spent four days in Marrakech, Morocco. Good times, I'm one lucky duck. Why is the duck lucky? Because it rhymes? Or because the ugly duckling grew into a dashing swan?! But I mean seriously, 99% of the ugly ducklings end up being the ugly ducks. I suppose it doesn't matter as long as  they're lucky. Case closed. Back to the topic.

Madrid (as any other big city, I suspect) is packed with all those famous characters. 

Looking picture-perfect. But it's all fake. Alternative Disneyland in Park Retiro, Madrid.

Frankly I am glad that I am not a kid any more as I would be very bothered seeing that beloved characters are not real. 

Okay, back to editing holiday photos (my mom can't wait). I have already shared some shots on my Facebook page


Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Monday

You have probably figured out that I really like photography and well... music! About a week ago I saw Foals live for the very first time. The played at DCODE Festival in Madrid. I was there jumping and singing along in the crowd while trying to take some photos. I took this one (among many others).

It's one of my favorite live concert shots ever. So I was super stoked when DCODE Festival decided to share this photo on their timeline on Facebook.

So this is my happy Monday. Hope your week has kicked off on a positive not as well!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 38: Impressionism

Word of the week - impressionism. It's not so much a creative topic as it is a technique I discovered. Okay, I probably didn't discover anything (new), but last year in a park I accidentally took a blurry photo that looked kinda cool and so I started blurring on purpose. To me those images reminded of impressionist paintings. 

So today I said hello to autumn in park Retiro and while chasing the amazing sunset (click here to see my favorite shot) I also tried to create some "impressionist images" with my camera.

It's a fine line between accidentally blurry (yeah, really shaky hands and all), purposefully blurry and so blurry it's just in motion (like the scarf here).

It's especially tricky with other moving objects like people. They might look like blurry aliens. Can you guess what this alien man is up to?

However, you cannot avoid people in a park on a Sunday afternoon. No, sir.

The blur doesn't have to be lineal, it is fun to create different "brush strokes".

So, basically, if you have really shaky hands and lousy light conditions (and you have no clue what to do about it all) then you can call your blurry images a 21st century impressionist masterpiece. Possibly. Or then not. :)

Happy autumn, people! 


Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 36: Tradition

Bullfighting. Spain equals flamenco, paella and bullfighting in many people's heads, right?! While bullfighting is prohibited in some parts of Spain it is still taking place every Sunday evening in Madrid (from spring to fall). The venue - Las Ventas is one of the most prominent buildings in the city, it looks awesome. 

So, I went to see bullfighting, because I needed to see something so famous and controversial. Did I like it? Well, I don't regret going, it was interesting to see something unique and different. Did I enjoy it? No. And I don't understand it. 

Here are some photos from the event. Mind you there are bulls and fighting and a little bit of blood. No hardcore shots, but just in case you feel strongly about it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 33: In Motion

Without further ado, let me introduce you my very good friend Mari! She made "Week 33: In Motion" happen in the most awesome way!

I just need to tell you the story of the photo shoot. In August I spent some days in Helsinki (Finland) visiting my awesome friends. One night Mari and me went to take a closer look at a mysterious office building. We had seen it from afar, but never actually taken a closer look. While I was trying to take a photo of a random sculpture Mari blurred into the shot. Kinda like this (well, this one's staged, Mari wasn't really randomly jumping up and down there... or was she).

Then it hit me - when shooting things in motion I can just create it in the darkness with people. Or accessories. The magical scarf in motion - creative credits go to my model. ;) 

We found the perfect light to keep the face lit and in focus, but at the same time blur the movement of the scarf. We took a billion shots. It was the most fun ever. Here's my high five to all those people who watch the security camera videos. I am sure we entertained a bit.

I love the colors. I love the contrasts. So it was impossible for me to decide color or black or white. Either way works with those photos.

Things I learned? Spontaneity kicks ass. Always take your camera with you. Go crazy. Be the Statute of Liberty. Or a Unicorn. Anything life brings on you, really. Anything can be kinda magical if you want it to.

A big hug and thank you to Mari for modeling for me and my blog! I am so excited to share these images 'cos round here I usually shoot inanimate objects. I get it, not everyone want's to end up in someone's blog. But I am happy some do. :) I hope to shoot more living objects in the future. It's challenging as a great image takes some kind of special synergy and with some people it just doesn't work. At least that's how it is for me. 

Keep on moving! Be in motion!


Ps. I am addicted to Coldplay, so yes - the new song is awesome, check it out here. And have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

App Love: Over

Over - add beautiful text to your photos. This is it. So it is.  Yes, this will be now the shortest app love update ever. Or perhaps not.

I discovered the app this summer and had good time playing with, because you really have nothing much to do on a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki or the other way around. Unless you like slot machines. Or karaoke. Or preferably both. 

So I took my time to read and to add some text to my photos on my iPhone. All photos edited with VSCO Cam (app love - read here) and some also with Instagram (another app love - check out more here). 

I just love the different choice of fonts (and I haven't even bought anything extra, it's the "standard package"). Still really good.

Oh and if you happen to be in Helsinki check out this exhibition. Modern day instagrammers and photoshoppers etc have nothing on the peeps who were into surreal photography about a century ago! Or rather - there's nothing new in heavy image manipulation and wild fantasies. 

Just like this, me and my fish say hi! 

Happy mid-week!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 34: Thorns

Okkaline is yet again one of those word I fail to translate. It is anything with thorns or spikes. So I went with thorns. Before I go on I just have to say that I am very pleased with the little thorns on the text up there - Over is such a brilliant app. Will write more about it soon. App love for sure!

I have a little rose bush growing on my terrace, so there - easy. Especially as I spent the whole day in doing laundry and cleaning up and cooking (all veeeery time consuming, gosh, I have respect for house wives and maids). So, needed something fast and fun for shooting. Plus I feel like I haven't shared enough mobile phone photos lately. All of these were shot with iPhone 4S using macro lens by Photojojo and edited in phone with with VSCO Cam (which I love, read more here). 

I love those. I love it that you don't really need expensive gear to be creative and practice macro photography a bit. Outdated iPhone, cheap magnetic add-on lens and free software. And some slightly burnt roses. 

It has been a good Sunday and perfect transmission from summer to autumn. Early autumn is my absolute favorite time in Madrid. Have a good week y'all! xx