Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 30/32: Bitter Sweet

Pop-Tarts and cups of coffee. I am getting pretty good at home made cappuccino-lattes. It's not an exact science, so I think what I make is in between a latte and a cappuccino. Love it. Gotta love Friday evenings. They're the kind of evenings that can on forever 'cos the whole weekend is still ahead! Oh yeah!

Still remember my 52 week photo challenge?! I have fallen off the track a bit, but here come weeks 30 and 32. Week 30 - Bitter. Week 32 - Sweet. So, in case you're an Estonian you can just guess what I chose as my subject. 

Yes, "Bitter". 

"Bitter" is the name of the first (?) dark chocolate made by Estonian legendary chocolate maker "Kalev". I used to prefer that as a kid over the normal milk chocolate. Yes, I was picky about my candy years ago. ;)

So I had planned to shoot "Bitter" for week 30, but couldn't do it before I went to Estonia. And by that time also the word 'sweet' had popped up. So I just couldn't resist uniting those two weeks into one. My bitter sweet Estonian chocolate. 

Yes, I had a tons of sweet fun with this shoot!

Have a very sweet weekend y'all! 


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