Thursday, August 1, 2013

If You Tell Me Yours, I Tell You Mine

You know what, I think I have already an idea and photos for this week's topic. How very cool is that. It has been crazy hectic here. I am flying home for three weeks tomorrow. From the South to the North all across Europe - Tallinn, here I come! My and my heavy suitcase (packing is such a torture, don't you agree). Not to mention all the last minute errands popping up, what's with that?! Okay, running to the record store to buy a pile of Devendra Banhart albums is not really an absolute necessity, now is it?! Well, it totally is! He totally stole my heart last night (you can see this talented man here).

Never been to Tallinn? Well, keep an eye on my Instagram account and check out the Facebook page, I just have to share some of it with you. And of course - the blog, I will keep updating. At least once a week. Summer schedule. ;)


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