Sunday, July 28, 2013

Holy Disco Light

I love light! Ahem, what, right?! Light makes photos! My current favorite is what I call holy disco light. It is the light that shines through the stained glass windows. 

When you travel around Europe then you can't escape visiting churches and cathedrals - they're just such a great part of the history and culture. To be honest - it's always too dark inside to take decent photos and at times I struggle with places that are extremely touristy (even though I am one of them - them tourists who want to see everything). However, during my recent speed-visit to Burgos I re-discovered the joy of visiting historic holy places swamped with tourists - Burgos Cathedral is amazing! Not only because it's filled with a myriad of little figurines that make you react (inappropriately?!) like this hipster angel celebrating Movember.

But because it has these amazing stained glass windows.

My go-to photo of a stained glass window would usually look something like this.

However, it is a whole lot cooler to look at the opposite direction, because with a little luck and a little sunshine (or a lot of it like we had in Burgos) you get this.

Not just pretty colors, but a temporary decoration on seats.

Creating a different atmosphere, adding an (almost) neon disco light like touch.

So now I will be hunting holy disco light whenever I can. It is amazing, don't you agree?! 

On a side note. This week's topic 'bitter' has been put on hold. I have some ideas that I can't execute before next weekend.

Summer? Busiest time of the year for sure. Anyhow, hope you're having a good one and thanks for stopping by (in between all the sunshine and adventures). 



  1. I love the Sagrado Corazon in the center of the stained glass.

  2. I love stained glass so much and you sure got some pretty pictures of it. It must have been quite stunning to see in real life.