Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project Sunrise

This is a perfectly fine example of how a grumpy Monday can lead to a fun mini-project. I am not sure everything has to be a project, but then again if you say you're working on a project it suddenly sounds oh-so-important. Not like: hey, I am hanging here snapping photos of the sky with my iPhone. That's just lame. ;)

So, in mid-October I snapped a photo of a beautiful sunrise. And suddenly it turned into a 7-day project. My October week in morning skies.

All shot with iPhone 4S, edited with VSCO Cam, text added with Over and posted on Instagram

No, I did not black out on Saturday, I just had to get up at 6 a.m. to catch a bus to Salamanca (day trip!). And Sunday wasn't exceptionally sunny early on, I just got up way later than on weekdays (related also to the aforementioned day trip). As for the rest of the days - all photos taken more or less around the same time.

Best part of this project?! Suddenly mornings got more exciting and I just couldn't wait to see how the sky looks. Also, I love owning something that makes up a week. Possibly related to the fact that when I was a kiddo underwear with weekdays on them was a hit. As they say - all roads lead to childhood (wait, what?!). 

Happy mid-week!



  1. I love the colors of the morning sky. Thanks for sharing your projects!

  2. How gorgeous. This was a great project. So neat to see the same scene under different conditions like that. You have a nice view from your place!

    1. Thank you! Ah, yes, the view is awesome. I am surely more attracted to the sky than I was ever before.