Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Look Up, Steal Away

Time traveling is in order - all the way back to fall 2004. It's when I learned that stealing makes a good teacher. No, I don't mean you should steal something from others, of course not (duh). However, I think it totally pays off to check out what others do and get inspiration from there. 

If you have ever been a tourist in Helsinki, Finland, then you probably have seen the Sibelius monument. I was hanging out there when I saw this guy lying on the ground taking a photo. I wanted to see what he saw, so I went ahead and did the same. I took this photo.

From that day on I look up a lot. And down. And around the corner. Looking for different angles. And ever so often checking out what others are doing, too. From photography to crafts to whatnot. So this is my public cheer for positive "stealing" - taking ideas and making them our own. :) 

How's your week coming along? Some new ideas to be tried out?



  1. That's a great photo! I also try to remember to look up and down and around. :)

  2. That's a great shot! I always tend to take photos straight on, and only recently realized I need to try out new perspectives!


  3. I absolutely LOVE this photo. The light and the shadows are perfect!

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