Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 46: Blossoms / Week 45: Flow of Time

Hibernation in process.  Pause.

This week's topic - blossoms - had to be "picked" in the comfort of my home, because nothing lured me outside into the cold and rain. I like cold and rain... when I am tucked up indoors. So, iPhone 4S and VSCO Cam app were my photo-friends today.

I just really wanna catch up (because being on schedule is more important than quality?! seriously?! ...). Last week's topic was 'Flow of Time'. My old iPod nano (4th gen) broke down (it plays music when docked, but the battery runs flat in an instant sometimes) and I had to get a new one ('cos if you know me you know I cannot go a day without on-the-go music player). So this is a little commemoration to my little pink companion through the years.

It feels so weird that in such a short time (read: five years, yikes) iPod nano has gone from awesome click-wheel to this tiny iPhone sibling. I feel almost sentimental. Technological flow of time.

Hibernation in process. Resume.


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