Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 44: Blue (Monday)

I blame the guys in the gummy bear industry. For confusing evening darkness. Saw a headline somewhere that the whole daylight saving fuss is caused by candy industry. Didn't read the article. But the photo of gummy bears was enough of proof. Okay, it's just - the evenings get so dark so early these days plus the mornings ain't that light either.

So it's appropriate enough to share some Monday blues. Of course the easy logical way to shoot 'blue' is to shoot stuff that's blue. Just like that.

However, the real blue is when stuff just blurs out and the sky is closing on you. Happens to most people now and then. Not only on Mondays.

Happy blue Monday, y'all and remember - Garfield has no reason to hate Mondays, he doesn't go to work (see, watching The Big Bang Theory makes me oh-so-smart). 



  1. Nice shots. I like the cookie tin with its neat graphic. Yes, it is so very dark these days, isn't it? So tough to get good shots. We had some sun in the afternoon yesterday so I set myself up a temporary studio in the living room and took a bunch of pictures that I needed to complete various posts. There was so much kneeling, bending over and stretching to get the right angles that it felt like I had been doing yoga for an hour and a half! So there, now I know I can get a workout by taking photos.

    1. Ah yes, the cookie tin is a gem. I just had to get it for its looks! Cookies are okay, too. ;)
      Haha, yes, taking photos can be very demanding. It is a workout for sure! If only they had had artsy workout options back at school.