Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Time

So, yes, I am now one of those people. Those people who throw dinner parties. Basically just 'cos I have the appropriate candle sticks. 

So I had some awesome people over last night for some post-birthday and pre-Christmas dinner. Nothing fancy-pansy, but there was food. And drinks. And cutlery. I thought I'd snap some photos, but basically - who has time for photos when there are people, food and drinks?! However, here are some. My feeble attempt at dinner party photography. Sans people (whose dear faces on photos are for private use). 

If you ever have extra 20 euros I would recommend spending it on a raclette machine 'cos melted cheese is the best thing ever. And while I had some special cheese from my trip to Switzerland then I can tell you - different Spanish cheese works as well. Of course my aim is not to preserve traditional approach and just go crazy with cheese. :) 

Hope you have a lovely (and not too stressful) holiday time! Cheers!


Ps. Reminder: Bookmark my blog with it's original blogger address: I am planning on some changes in the near future might go down for a while. 


  1. This looks and sounds like it was a very merry and fun time! And cheese ... enough said. Love the photos, and your cute bird salad spoons.

    1. Thank you, Loulou! Ah, yes, the sale spoons are a gem (they're salad green, so that makes them super-cute in real life).