Friday, December 27, 2013

Roundup and Gratitude Time

Filled with fuzzy warm feelings now that the year is coming to its end. Not only 'cos there are tons of candles, food and good wishes. 

So, about 12 months ago I wrote my first post with the emphasis on my 52 week photo project. I had no grand plans except to push myself to shoot-shoot-shoot. And guess what - it worked! I took a whole lot of photos regularly (not only when on a kick-ass trip) and (with slight fall backs) I managed to keep up with the project as well as with blogging. I think blogging regularly is challenging, but it is also rewarding. I have met couple of nice bloggers in the process and I have been pushed to share my photos. Couldn't really ask for more (worldwide fame, maybe?! haha). 

Here's a small roundup of my favourite projects. Ten favourites in a chronological order and with my favourite shot from each one. 

Stuff I learned? It really doesn't matter which camera you use. My favourite photos come from my Olympus E-420 (with 25mm lens) as well as my iPhone 4s and of course from my Canon 6D (with 24-105mm or 40mm lens). And of course the obvious got confirmed - the more you shoot the more you learn. Even though of course, one should't go overboard with shooting (at times guilty as charged). While I almost never shoot people then truly - my two shoots with friends as models were my favourites! 

What's next? First of all I need to set up my new blog and homepage. I have decided to self host and have a little portfolio alongside a blog. Am currently teaching myself to be a smart IT person. Fingers crossed I get at least the blog up and running by new year. 

I have a new 52 week photo project in store - hint: traveling. It's more of a retrospect (to push me to organise photos and re-live moments). 

I am toying with a 365 project idea, but knowing myself... maybe I'll have something on Instagram. Maybe. Shooting something for 365 days has proved impossible in the past.

I will share it all here and on my Facebook page.

Enjoy what's left of 2013 and I hope Santa was kind to you! :) 



  1. Whatever route you choose just keep on posting. Happy New Year!! We'll see what the new year brings...