Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 48/49/50/51: Let's Mix It Up

Week 48: Green
Week 49: Games
Week 50: Strangers
Week 51: Wildlife in the City

So I will throw in some photos from Geneva and Lausanne that fill the void. The 52 week project it so close to its end (as it the year... whaaat?!). 

Salad green bookshop in Geneva. Yeah!

Green strangers in Lausanne.

And strangers playing games in Lausanne.

Wildlife in the city! (also Lausanne)

Little words, little images, little updates. Seriously, it's December and almost everyone (including me) has been running wild. 

Hadn't I taken some photos I would probably not believe it that we saw a whole bunch of chicken running around in central-ish Geneva. Posh polished international Geneva... it is not (only that)! Cool chick. 

On this note I would like to say that forget the chicken and bookmark my blog with it's original blogger address: I am planning on some changes in the near future (whenever I stop running around like a chicken*) and might go down for a while. 

It's almost Christmas! How's it with the holiday spirit?


* Okay, I might have eaten some chicken, but other than that no chicken related activities. I have been rocking out (photographic proof can be seen here) and running holiday errands. 


  1. I wish we were allowed to keep chickens herein Toronto because it would be pretty neat t have some! Great photos ... I love those green men sculpture things.

    1. I had never thought that well... keeping chicken in a city might be forbidden. I just thought people wouldn't want to do it in most cases. :D But I guess they would be the easiest farm "animals" to have around anywhere.