Monday, December 9, 2013

Time is Honey

Older, wiser (wait what?!) and more filled with cheese! So, yes, I am back in blogosphere. Meanwhile I have turned a year older and been on a holiday. Because I love eating cake in new places. As much as I love peeking through strangers' windows. Like this.

I haven't been shooting specifically for my weekly projects (I could pretend I feel bad about it, but I really don't). However, I have been walking the streets of Lyon (France) on my birthday (it's so worth turning 30 on 30th) and drinking mulled wine and eating chestnuts while listening to the most fun brass band ever. 

So, yes, my new favourite thing is to take a small holiday around my birthday - the darkest time of the year and just before Christmas madness takes over. Last year I was in Belgium, this year in Switzerland. I totally recommend having friends who live in cool towns. ;) Makes traveling so much more fun. So besides a weekend trip to Lyon I spent my days in Lausanne and Geneva. 

Crazy beautiful.

Occasionally scary. Because, seriously, bird attack is not on top of my list in the ways to die. Too close for comfort (or for focus).

Crazy quirky. 

Truth to be told - I have hundreds of photos to edit and I hope to have some holiday photo albums up on Flickr sometime soon (keeping it vague, yes). Also, need to send Christmas cards and presents and you know, catch up with holiday craze. And host some post-birthday and pre-Christmas mini-parties. And eat chocolate and listen to new records and old records. And it's good being back in the blogosphere. Ps. My grammar teacher always told us it is bad style to start a sentence with "and". I hope she's reading this. Ha.

How's December treating you? 



  1. Oh I missed this post earlier ... Happy Birthday to you!! It sounds like you celebrated in style, as it should be.