Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black and White Life in Summer 2007

I am in a process of creating the perfect (ahem, not gonna be perfect, but I have good intentions) photo library and I came across those older photos. Shot with Canon EOS 3000v and kit lens 28-90mm. On black and white film. ISO400. I wonder why I haven't shot more b&w film. Digital world took over? Anyhow, here are some shots from the three cities that were really close to my heart back then - my hometown Tallinn; Helsinki and Riga. 

Tallinn is pretty even in black and white. Kind of cool to have one of the prettiest towns for a home town. :) 



Oh and in summer 2007 I also made my first trip to Moscow. 

With this little trip down memory lane I will try to find inspiration to capture some black and white life this week. I am taking a little road trip with a friend and get the ever needed break (seriously, is there a time when breaks are not needed?!). Hopefully will return with a bunch of cool photos to share next week.


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  1. Such goregous photos! Enjoy your little trip. It sounds exciting.