Friday, February 8, 2013

My Bag, My Storage

Friday, it's Friday! That's something that never gets old (if you have a regular nine to five job). I have eternal love for Fridays, the beginning of something awesome filled with good times, exciting things and sleeping in - yes, am talking about the weekend! Even watching a movie and staying in is exciting in my books. Love weekends. Anyhow, here's a little something to kick-start this week's photo project - storage. 

iPhone 4S, Afterglow
How do you feel about umbrella as a place to store things? Everything from my bag ended inside my big umbrella. I love my little black bag by Kipling (oh those monkeys!). Inside this I had a wallet (and metro map), book (that I will write more about in the future, it's well worth it), camera, iPhone, candy, lipgloss, keys, little hand made owl I use as key purse, Blackberry (ahem, I have two phones, one's for work) and an erasable pen by Muji.  Oh and my journal by Moleskine

Well, let's be honest - I don't use an umbrella as a storage normally, but this was a fun way to see why on earth my bag is always so heavy. ;)

Have a lovely weekend!