Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big Brother

Puppies. Other people get puppies. Based on social media feeds, a lot of puppies have been acquired all across the globe. Totals cute. However, my lease forbids pets (I have debated if it would be okay to get you know a reindeer or some other funky wild animal).

So, I got a new camera.

They say girls shop for Choos. Shoes. Et al. 

Still, I got a new camera. My baby Olympus E-420 got a big brother. Welcome to the family, Canon EOS 6D (and EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM lens)!

I could have bought couple of pairs of Choos. Boo. 

Anyhow, now I face all those situations where I am not sure what to say. People ask: "What is different? Why did you get a new camera?"

Well, it still takes photos. It takes photos like my Olympus or my iPhone. I sent this colorful brochure (you can download from to my mom. So you know, she would know why her daughter is just really cool and also why she never saves up for a car. Ha.

Random answers I (intend to) offer (because I do find it really difficult to explain to people why I need a camera that big and all) based on how funny I am trying to be (no-one usually gets those jokes tho, it's a fun-fest for one):
  • It's bigger. Bigger is better.
  • All the cool kids have one.
  • It lets you register your battery (yeah, I read the manual last night; you can register up to six batteries to your camera - sounds all a lot like polygamy).
  • This one plays better with other kids, i.e. it gets along better with different types of light.
  • It has Wifi, I can upload everything directly to Facebook.
  • I had had a rough day and I wanted to go on a shopping spree and I didn't find any shoes I like. So, I got a camera.  

Okay, but on a more serious note. It is something I had planned for like a year, at least. I had done my research, I had driven myself crazy (there is no perfect camera, you know) and I had found my match. Have to grow into it, you know. It's kind of a gigantic leap (literally, see the photo above). It feels right and a bit scary. Yes, I am "a bit" excited.  

Over and out. Out with my new camera.


On a side note: Bigger does not always mean better. And if you ever consider DSLR do no start with anything big. But I will blog more about that in the future.


  1. Thanks for the camera review. I only use my iphone, so maybe I should branch out, huh?

    That camera is a beauty. :)

    1. I love iPhone!! Seriously, way better than some cheap-o point&shoots, plus all the apps etc. But if you ever really-really wanna get a "real" camera drop me a line. I have my eye on some beauties (that are not DSLR, but are awesome).

  2. Pooh, nice! Good for you. Will last a lot longer than shoes too.

    1. Yeah, I would like to hope so. :)

  3. oooo I like the way you shop. I know some woman would think I'm mad but I'd take your camera over a pair of Choos any day. Have a BLAST!

    1. Yeah! Plus I am sure Choos are not comfortable to wear when you wanna go around and shoot photos. Would be so impractical. :D