Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 18/17: City Charm... Why?

There is a place for the photo I have not taken and might never take. But I have it in my head. It is a photo that combines the topics for the two weeks - it is all about the city, it's allure, it's charm. And it is all about those things that make me go 'Why?!' 

Madrid. Nighttime. City lights. Gran Via and Sol. The streets connecting those two. Crowd. Massive crowd. Shops, bars, restaurants. Manifestations, people dressed up as Disney characters, girls selling their bodies. Tourists, party people. Happy people, drunk people. Foreigners. Buildings. Lights. Cars. Etc. 

I would shoot it from a (non-existant?) high angle. Slow shutter speed. Extra wide lens. Or I would make a stop motion. This is a mental draft. I feel like I have still fulfilled my goal partially and have not fallen of my 52 week photo project wagon. 

However, I still would like to share some images. From my weekend. This is real city charm for me. Just walking the streets that at times seem endless and are always filled with precious moments (if you pay a little attention)... and sometimes I take a moment to share them on Instagram. Here's a little bit of Madrid for you.

So, possibly city charm is not about lights and hustle and bustle. Perhaps it is all about being able to see billions of different things. Hear billions of different sounds. Have an endless amount of new experiences and feelings. 

Ps. And if you ever see these guys playing the streets of Madrid, take a moment to listen. They're not your other regular street musicians. They're just super-awesome. I have seen them in concert (but I have regrettebly forgotten their name). 



  1. Great shots. I love the one of the ladies carrying the chairs. So interesting.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! Glad you like them.

  3. I'M BACK. I remember seeing these images on Instagram. I love the guy reading while shopping. That's me usually because I hate clothes shopping. I also love the red background and her red dress in the last picture. :)