Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 19: Contrasts

I have been taking a whole lot of photos this week. Most of all, to get used to my new camera. So, you know, these really "fascinating" shots of nothingness when you try to see if the shutter really works or how fast it works. And so on. However, I have also been lucky enough to stumble upon some local festivities. And one night I arrived home just to see fireworks from my terrace. I shall share some of the colorful shots with you in near future. Madrid is celebrating, you know - next week is the day of Madrid's saint San Isidro. 

However, I have also captured a thing or two that depict this week's topic - contrasts. This one's spot on. 
Sunday in Alcala de Henares, a small picturesque town near Madrid
Color contrasts. Your classical black vs white and less conventional gray vs orange. 
Park Retiro, Madrid
Sunday thoughts, Alcala de Henares 
Those contrast-creating shadows lurking around my bedroom at night (yup, sometimes I don't sleep, I just listen to music and play around with my camera).

Light vs night. 

Last, but not least - my favorite. The little boy vs the (young) man. Contrasting in age. Yet looking like the same person at different age. I just loved this moment. And anything I love is fit for my blog any time.
Two strangers in park Retiro, Madrid
Still some hours of Sunday left, so better go make something useful (household stuff looooong overdue). 

Enjoy whatever's left of the weekend!



  1. All great shots. You've nailed your topic for the week. I especially love the top one and also the nuns walking.