Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 20: Long Distance

Home-bound unsocial weekend. Woohoo. Yeah, I don't do cool very well. I find unsocial weekends totally nice now and then. Rainy weather and cold winds. Yes, we are back in winter. So, what else to do than to get nostalgic. Uh-oh, well doesn't that sound a bit nicer than me just saying: I was too lazy to go find something to shoot outside home?! Well, I did try to take some photos at a concert last night - it was an epic fail as I was too far from the stage and stuff plus it has nothing much to do with this week's theme. And nope, going to concerts doesn't really count for being social. I can be an extremely unsocial concert goer. But that's another story.

So as I am packrat and I love colorful things then, yes, I have the best things to represent 'long distance' here at my house - postcards!
 I love postcards and luckily enough I seem to know people who love to send them to me. This is just a fraction of my postcard collection (well, I don't collect  them per se; I just have more than one). The major part is at my mom's house. She constantly asks me if she can throw away my stuff. :) Possibly one day I will be this crazy old lady who lives in the house of cards. Of postcards. Now you can decide if it is scarier than living with 40 cats or not. I don't intend to live with 40 cats. I don't really mix and mingle well with cats. I have considered a ferret, but then again I read they can "cut" your throat in your sleep. So, house of cards it shall be. And some coffee with milk.

Postcards come from faraway countries. They travel long distances.
My fave stamp story is: I had to attach it with a piece of chewing gum 'cos it had no glue on its back and I had no glue stick. It felt very special and a little gross. But creative brownie points to my friend, for sure. 

So yes, postcards can come from people's trips abroad or then for special occasions. 

Or then carry fun messages. Hallmark or handwritten. No special occasion.

Then there are those people who really know what you love (ahem, yes, cameras, cakes, hipsters and pens).

So, yes, I did have so much fun with all my postcards this stormy afternoon. On one of those photos you can see one raindrop. Challenge accepted?! Because of course it started raining the moment I dragged my treasures out to the terrace to be shot in daylight. Luckily I have roof-thingie (I only know the word in Spanish and it's toldo) I can open when needed.  

I have this little postcard corner next to my front door. So long distance would feel a little less long. And those white walls would be less white. 
So, yes, I am a bit sentimental and a bit old fashioned. I do think postcards are brilliant. They travel the world. Long distance. 

Any other postcard lovers out there? 


*All photos shot with Canon EOS 6D and EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM lens. Edited in Lightroom 4.  


  1. You are a funny girl. Unsocial weekend for me too and it is a three-dayer with one more delightful day to go. I even missed (sad after the fact) drinks on a patio with some friends because I neglected to read email. Do I beat you on unsocial? I don't even read emails. Bad.

    I found the raindrop. Wish you were here. I also saw the instruction to eat more cake.

    I don't

    1. Well, I do read e-mails, yes. The blessing and curse of iPhone and the lovely mailbox app I downloaded not so long ago. So it's a conscious choice to be unsocial. Sometimes it's needed tho. Time-out. ;)

      We should have an unsocial cake-night. That'd be sth. :)

  2. WOWZERS what an incredible collection Kaisa!!