Monday, May 13, 2013

Long Time No See

The moment I pulled out this slip from the tin (week 20: long distance) this song started playing in my head. I could probably write a novel on long distance friendships. Well, I couldn't write a novel, I have no idea how to write one nor do I have a burning desire to do so. However, almost as long as I can remember I have always had friends and some family abroad. And now it's me who is living thousands of kilometers away. Long distance is my life. A blessing and and a curse. More of a blessing tho. Definitely more of a blessing! But you know, sometimes you just want the "right" friend to have drinks or a laughing fit with and you can't (note to self: save up for a private jet). Long distance. Yup, laughing fits don't really work long distance. 

And a slightly soppy (but who doesn't love some soppy and some unicorns in their life, right) quote by a friend of mine:
Our friendship nullifies distance. 

I (geniunely) love talking about weather, so here's an update - it's sunny in Madrid and with that I wish you a lovely week!


Ps. A lovely read on iPhoneography (via Petapixel). So, let's have fun with our mobile cameras. It's cool enough. 


  1. I haven't really lived long distances, I've pretty much stayed in Indiana for my life. I really hope to travel more, because it's important to learn about yourself away from home.

    1. I made my first friends abroad when I was in high school. Some of them are still one of my closest ones even though we don't live in the same country. I first tried life abroad in uni when I did an exchange year. And well now I am here on work, but it's temporary. However, indeed, traveling is awesome (even if sometimes you feel tired and exhausted and all that then later on your realize it was all worth it ;)). Anyhow, welcome to Europe! ;) I hope to road trip in the U.S. one day. That seems like a cool thing to do.

  2. Such a precious photo! Loving the blog!