Wednesday, September 4, 2013

App Love: Over

Over - add beautiful text to your photos. This is it. So it is.  Yes, this will be now the shortest app love update ever. Or perhaps not.

I discovered the app this summer and had good time playing with, because you really have nothing much to do on a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki or the other way around. Unless you like slot machines. Or karaoke. Or preferably both. 

So I took my time to read and to add some text to my photos on my iPhone. All photos edited with VSCO Cam (app love - read here) and some also with Instagram (another app love - check out more here). 

I just love the different choice of fonts (and I haven't even bought anything extra, it's the "standard package"). Still really good.

Oh and if you happen to be in Helsinki check out this exhibition. Modern day instagrammers and photoshoppers etc have nothing on the peeps who were into surreal photography about a century ago! Or rather - there's nothing new in heavy image manipulation and wild fantasies. 

Just like this, me and my fish say hi! 

Happy mid-week!