Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 38: Impressionism

Word of the week - impressionism. It's not so much a creative topic as it is a technique I discovered. Okay, I probably didn't discover anything (new), but last year in a park I accidentally took a blurry photo that looked kinda cool and so I started blurring on purpose. To me those images reminded of impressionist paintings. 

So today I said hello to autumn in park Retiro and while chasing the amazing sunset (click here to see my favorite shot) I also tried to create some "impressionist images" with my camera.

It's a fine line between accidentally blurry (yeah, really shaky hands and all), purposefully blurry and so blurry it's just in motion (like the scarf here).

It's especially tricky with other moving objects like people. They might look like blurry aliens. Can you guess what this alien man is up to?

However, you cannot avoid people in a park on a Sunday afternoon. No, sir.

The blur doesn't have to be lineal, it is fun to create different "brush strokes".

So, basically, if you have really shaky hands and lousy light conditions (and you have no clue what to do about it all) then you can call your blurry images a 21st century impressionist masterpiece. Possibly. Or then not. :)

Happy autumn, people! 


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  1. Neat! I love the one with the girl on the bike.