Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 35: Stone

When 'kivi' (stone, rock) popped up from my weekly project jar I felt a little jammed. There are awesome rocks and stones and mountains and all in Spain, but not exactly in central Madrid. I had some ideas that failed (like yeah, wow, crappy photo, rats). So, I decided to use what I have - the city and all its pavements and big stone buildings (okay, using the word 'stone' loosely here - anything that looks like stone, may it be asphalt, concrete etc ;)). I remembered having a lot of fun with multiple exposure in June (see the banana shot here), so I decided to give it another go. My aim was to give different elements on the street a stone-like texture. Kinda like this.

The shot above is my fave from the stone-series (I have some other favorites, but those I shall share in the future as they don't relate to the topic at hand).

All in all double exposure is a lot of trial and error. One can do it in Photoshop, but since I can do it in-camera, then well - in-camera gives instant idea what you might end up with. I like in-camera multiple exposure option. One could say I am a fan.

Also, of course, double exposure can be just fun. I am sure no-one thought it was weird when I shot my hand and then the land and then the hand... narcissistic weirdness is a winner at times. Gotta love the flowery version I have on Facebook (ahem, I tried to make a shadow animal; not my strongest suit). 

Other than that this weekend I have been listening to this song a lot and cooked some (that's to all you who ask me if I ever cook - I do!) and cleaned some. Visited a photo exhibition, watched Parks&Recs, Help! (life must have been so much fun in the 1960s!) and went to the local park and obviously - took photos of my hand. Good weekend. Hope it leads to a good new week.


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