Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Beloved Cameras

This is a little introduction to my world of cameras. Cameras are like a brush to a painter. They won't create for you, but they enable to create and sure do make creating easier depending on their model and make. 

Back in the days I shot using two film cameras 35mm automatic camera by Konica and Canon EOS 3000v. I still hold on to the Canon thinking that maybe I will return to shooting film (or then not). I also own a fun film camera - the Action Sampler (ah, yes, Lomography-craze did not pass me by). My first digital camera was Olympus SP-320 - I tell you it was one of the finest little things out there at the time.  Reasonably priced and great quality. My mum has it now, so it is still in use. 

Currently my main man is Olympus E-420. And my daily snap shot master is my iPhone 4S.  

Olympus E-420
iPhone 4S, Snapseed

Olympus E-420 a small DSLR from year 2008. I think it's a brilliant entry-level DSLR. It has served me well, it is serving me well. I have three lenses to play around with. My newest (and current favorite) is 25mm. I absolutely love the telephoto 40-150mm. And there's the kit lens 17.5-45mm. All Zuiko lenses made especially for Olympus. I have used the kit lens the most in the past as it's well... universal. I think that I will always hold on to my Olympus 'cos it's so small and easy to carry along. It does not suite well for low light photography (it can be done, but with very low success rate). So getting another DSLR is on my mind, but more about that in the future.   

iPhone 4S and lenses by Photojojo
Olympus E-420, 25mm

I guess iPhone does not need many comments. Everyone's heard of it and many own it. Or then you own another smartphone that is also awesome. iPhone has a jolly good camera and the choice of creative&fun apps is endless and why shouldn't photography be fun, aye. I got Photojojo lenses (fisheye, macro/wide-angle, telephoto) for  my birthday and now my iPhone is packed with even more possibilities (and let me tell you - fisheye is perfect for selfies and sometimes you just need to do that).

At the moment I am convinced that owning more than one camera is the way to go, because there is no ultimate master camera that would fulfill all requirements I can dream of. What do you think? Maybe we should all retreat to using smartphone cameras only or go back to shooting film? One way or another - camera is a tool, it does not take pictures for you. 


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