Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

Hey-hello and a happy 2013!
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Welcome to my blog Reindeer Trails! This is my very first post here and I hope it’s a sparkling beginning for a bright (blogging) future. I have already filled many pages of my adorable Moleskine Audio Cassette Notebook with ideas for this blog.
So, there will be a lot of photos (with information on camera and software used to bring you the final result). One of the reasons to start this blog right now is my 2013 weekly project – 52 photo projects. I filled an inspirational old coffee jar with 52 different phrases. 
“Everything Happens for a Reason” (Tobias Rehberger, Illy Art Collection)
iPhone 4S, edited with Afterglow
Every Monday I will draw one slip and try to take photos that relate to the word(s). At the end of the week I will share the results here.
This week I am stuck with stairs. I use my small blackboard to write down the theme for the week. So I wouldn’t forget it. Sometimes it’s in English, sometimes in my mother tongue – Estonian.
iPhone 4S, edited with Afterglow

Have you taken up any weekly/daily/monthly projects this year? Hope to hear all about them.


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