Wednesday, January 30, 2013

App Love: Afterglow

Have you seen photos by Simon Filip? No? You really should! Yes? Well, I suppose my further comments are not necessary, you know what I mean.

So when I heard that this guy had created his own photo editing app - Afterglow - I got super-excited. And rightfully so! 

Afterglow is currently my favorite photo editing app on my iPhone 4S. My best invested cents, for sure. It's just perfect. Okay, maybe nothing is perfect, but this one gets close enough. I really have no complaints. What I love about it the most is that it's so easy to use.

First of all, you can do some basic editing -  brightness, contrast, saturation etc. You can crop. You can share. Sometimes all I want to do is add some brightness and color. Nothing fancy-smanchy. I can do so with Afterglow.

Armastus kolme apelsini vastu...
However, if I wanna go all fancy-smanchy I can also do that! Versatile or what. Look what I did with a photo of dessert bowl (lovely apple green bowl by Iittala).

With Afterglow you get bunch of filters as you do with Instagram (read my thoughts on Instagram here). BUT (yes, it's an important 'but') you get to choose how strong you want the effect to be. That's awesome. So, you have full control over your photo. I only wanted a little bit of retro look on this photo of kids waiting for The Three Wise Men and free candy in Madrid.

Plus all kinds of other thingies... seriously, you just check it out here. You have a whole palette of tools to work with on your photos.

Moreover, must confess I am totally in love with the different frames it offers - seemingly simple and rather basic (just white), but irresistible. Some kitchen love below.

To sum it up - for me Simon Filip has managed to put that extra something special he has in his photos into an app everyone can enjoy. A little bit of on-the-go-photo-magic. 


Edit: These days the app is called Afterlight. It's the same thing, but even better with all the updates.


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    1. The circle thing is my fave, too! The app costs a little, I think it was around 1 euro, so almost for free. :)