Saturday, January 26, 2013

Time-out: Art Journaling

Looks like I didn't manage to avoid the flu-season completely and therefore I am taking it slow for couple of days. Luckily there are enough things to do at home and I don't mean things like cleaning and washing (ahem, ignoring the dirty dishes in my sink, totally), but fun things like art journaling! 

I had this adorable owl-patterned A4 notebook and I needed to put it in a good use. Yes, my table is always somewhat cluttered (music sheets from 2004; and no, I can't even pull off "Be-bop-a-lula" that consists of two simple chords - so don't expect any musical entertainment when you pop over, at least not yet! ;)).
Olympus E-420, 25mm
I hadn't heard about art journaling before I read about it on A Beautiful Mess (one of my fave blogs, btw). I am a lover of all things colorful and I am also one of those people who always has pens, papers, glue and piles of inspirational(?!) stuff around. Kind of a pack-rat, yes. So I decided to purchase my first ever e-course - Art Journal All Year. Couldn't be more happier with my purchase. I am really savoring it for the "rainy days". So I can have my little crafty moments cutting and glueing. It has 52 sessions and I have gone through five first ones and I already have my own ideas on which pages I'd like to create. So I see there's a long-term potential for me and my art journal.

Olympus E-420, 25mm
Olympus E-420, 25mm
What I especially love about art journaling is that now I have this (seemingly) simple rule: cute and/or sentimental stuff goes into my art journal or it gets thrown out - less clutter! Yes, please. 

One of my favorite quotes
Olympus E-420, 25mm
I am pretty sure I will talk more about my art journaling journey in the future. But now it's time for some rest, more hot tea and flipping through "The Economist" for my weekly dosage of world news. And all that shall be "washed down" with some music by Arcade Fire.