Monday, April 29, 2013

City Girl

Appropriately so I pulled out a label today (from my 52 week jar) saying linna lummus. Yet again something I must have thought of 'cos it sounded nice in Estonian. In English it just doesn't sound the same, but close enough - city charm

Appropriately so because today I was staring at some extremely amazing pieces of art (yet again) and thinking how much it kicks ass to live in a big city and have all those possibilities. Possibilities to (almost) touch paintings that you once wrote about in your art history report in high school (in some other country, in another life time).

So, I try to catch up with taking photos and cover two topics in one week. 

And because it's one cold and rainy Monday I wanna share a message I got from a friend today. Sometimes simple spontaneous messages are just the best.  

heyyyyy you know what? life's amazing! it's spring, we're young, we're healthy (at least pretty much so) and able and capable of traveling and doing a lot of things


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