Sunday, April 28, 2013

Winter is Coming/Faded Memories of Paradise

Long story short, I didn't even touch my camera this week. So, yes, first failed week. However, I will make more than one project in the upcoming weeks, so in the end it makes out the same. And you know, don't get me wrong - I asked myself 'why?' more than once this week. I just didn't manage to translate it into images.  

Since it seems like winter has decided to return to Madrid I leave you with some photos from my Mallorca trip. A sweet reminder of paradise and sunshine. Always handy when those wintery winds get the best of you (I have developed a severe addiction to honey with ginger and cups of tea). A week ago it was (not) all about listening to music on the beach and climbing rocks - possibly the perfect holiday. I can see how I could do that more often.


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  1. What a beautiful place. You are lucky to have visited there. Too bad it is still so darn cold where you are.