Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This weeks theme is away (ära). I like the word ära, because it's so short and you can just say tahan ära-ära-ära-äraaaa! (I wanna get away) I must come clear, I really just want to teach you all some random Estonian. That's my agenda on this blog. I just super-cleverly hide it. Riiiight. 
So let's make an escape. Let's get away - into music, into books. Time-travel (disposable camera!). On the road, off the road. On a bus, a camel, a flying carpet. I was away last week and I will be away this week.

I don't know what it is about being away with friends. And drinks. And in the end it's always some tea. A lot of tea. Don't get me wrong, I am up for all kinds of drinks. But somehow all fascinating conversations go with a cup of tea. Tea really takes you away into the wilderness. 
So, yes I had fun being away in rainy Bilbao and in a bit less rainy San Sebastian. You can see some more fun shots ('cos everything on Instagram is fun, no?! ;)) on my Instagram account. And shots of my socks. Hm. And I tweet, too. You know when I am not blogging I am still around. Come say hi. 




    The man and I went camping last summer and bought a disposable camera. We were intoxicated when we took a lot of the pictures. So, when they were processed we realized all the stupid shots we took. I think there was even a picture of an apple peel.

    I love following you on the instagram. Your shots are great. I'm always showing your shots to the person next to me :)

    1. DEAL. (plus now I can like never give up on this blog)

      Hahaha, I bet my pics will be dumb. Totally. I guess I filled the film in like two hours. But then again I didn't have more time left in San Sebastian and somehow it felt wrong to use it on anything else, but just this holiday. Plus me and my friend we have all those smartphone pics of the disposable camera. Great. :D

  2. I hope you're enjoying your travels. You and your friends look so cute there drinking your tea!