Friday, April 12, 2013

First Hundred Days

Today is the day (the night, really). It's my 100th day of blogging here. Yup, I totally stole this reference from the U.S. president and how things are measured in politics. But that's about the only connection all of this has with world leaders and such. Possibly could have also chosen e.g. 78 days or 136 days. 

Here I am with my celebratory ice-cream. Ice-cream goes so well with sunshine and celebrations, doesn't it. 

(I spent some 20 minutes in Barcelona, oh how I wish I could have stayed there longer, much longer!)
What can I say, I am really excited about my blog. I am having so much fun with it. I have learned new things about photography, I have tried new things with my old camera and I am filled with inspiration. I have actually managed to get some people to read and follow my blog, woohoo! I have discovered new blogs and new tweeters. I have possibly returned to virtual socializing. By all means, I made friends for life thanks to band fan forums in the early 2000s. So out of all the people I should have fate in virtuality meeting reality. Maybe this time it will be through blogging and tweeting etc.   

Thank you all for stopping by and being the source of motivation and inspiration! 



  1. You have reminded me that for my first 100 days of 'blogging' I just wrote my posts but didn't publish them. I felt afraid to. Then after about 100 days, once I realized I was ready, I published those posts with back dates on them. I was so u sure about blogging, but now almost 2 years in, I am very happy that I kept T it, because, as you say, there are such wonderful people out there, to meet virtually.

    Like you :)

    1. I have had blogs with restricted access and also some public ones. I have struggled with privacy vs public content. And I always ended up not having motivation to update those public ones. Probably 'cos I never thought it through or they represented a phase that passed quickly (e.g. active jewelry making). This one seems to be going better in that sense... :)