Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 15: Away

This time I have three subcategories for the weekly theme. First one derives from the simple fact that I was away this week. Physically. I spent some 20 hours in a car. I think ever since I got my iPhone 4S over a year ago I am smitten with snapping shots out of the window. I also used to do that with my "real camera" back in the days, but mostly out of plane windows. Surreal blurry moments, cows, clouds, setting suns and snow storms. Most of the time I am happy to be on the go.  Give me some music and a camera and I am good to go. In the backseat.

First four snapshots are from last week's Madrid-Bilbao-SanSebastian-Madrid trip. The rest from Madrid-Andorra-Barcelona-Madrid. 

Secondly, I was spending two nights in a hotel room and somehow they all look the same and contain "away" items. Magazines and bottles of drinks I usually consume when away (e.g. Coca-Cola). Random shows (but usually CNN or BBC) on TV. Tons of lamps, but no real light. Small soaps. Etc. 

Thirdly, there is this mental "away". Being yourself while trying to squeeze into some other identity and subculture. Time-travel if you wish. With the disposable camera we time-traveled and also, well, what could be more hipster, aye. So little 90s me in year 2013. Ps. I was nothing like that in the 90s! 

There is no place like home. You must have some really compelling reasons to get me out of my home. At the same time I need to get away now and then (and often enough!). Physically and mentally. This gives me a sense of freedom and insane amount of inspiration, inspiration for life.

Okay, but it's finally spring (read: summer!) in Madrid. Time to brush dust off the terrace furniture and enjoy some strawberries and cava. Some girl-talk, too. Have a lovely Sunday!



  1. Have I told you how much I love your photos. Holy Moses!