Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My French Lover

What else is there to do on a rainy evening than reminiscence about old lovers, right?! My French lover was not called Jean Pierre. He did not eat baguettes nor drank wine. He was called Eiffel. Nah, not Gustave Eiffel (though I am sure with this mustache and beard of his he was totally hunky-dory back in the days). So yes, you guessed it, I am talking about the big metal tower - The Eiffel Tower. I know that people have mixed feelings about it, so I had no great expectations, but I tell you, it was love at first sight. 

I have never really spent much time in Paris (and I am still dreaming of seeing France, not just Paris), it has always been a day or two and related to work (except the day trip I made last December). However, I have always managed to spend some time with the The Eiffel Tower. Moreover, I looked up all my photos and realized that there are so many ways of taking photos of something no-one really needs photos of. We all know what it looks like or is supposed to look like, at least.

So with this post I want to share different perspectives. My very touristy shots of the tower and my less touristy (hopefully) shots. From spring 2009, summer 2010 and winter 2012. So, mostly older photos. Some of which I would probably edit a bit differently now. I used to have a weird thing for warm filters back then. Ahem, yes, but who cares. Let's hit the road. Let's have a closer look at my French lover.

Let's start really close. This is one of my favorites.

Is it really in one of the greatest a cities in the World or a metal monster in a bush?!

Road, cars, where, wait, where did the "forest" go?!

A very wise lesson - never ask another tourist to snap a photo of you.

Learn to take selfies. Haha. Because a man walking on your head is way cooler than a tower growing out of your head.

You think its you, the Eiffel, the sunset and a lonely runner. No one else. Right?

Wrong. You are never alone with The Eiffel.

You can spend the night.

You get up, close and personal.

At times your love goes up in flames.

You glance at each other from a distance.

And you look together into the distance.

He's with you when you take walks by the river.

Sometimes there are obstacles (mind you, smart cut by tourists up on Montmartre).

You're an international match.

You have competition.

Sometimes the clouds over your heads darken.

But you will always have Paris.

Yes, I know, it's such a cliché to be obsessed with The Eiffel Tower as if there were nothing more to Paris. I am not really obsessed, I just realized I love shooting it, it's my thing. We have our thing. Plus I am convinced you can take a landmark that has been overexposed, surely, and still come up with something different (than your average postcard). 

After all, every girl should have her French lover... to be shared with the World. ;) 



  1. What fantastic photos! Well, maybe except for the tower growing out of your head one, but even that is a funny souvenir.

    1. Thank you Loulou! Well, I must be honest - funny souvenirs are cool (even if kinda dorky).