Saturday, June 15, 2013

App Love: VSCO Cam

Get VSCO Cam - it's lovely and it's for free! I will demonstrate my love for this app with some snap shots from my recent trip to Poznan, Poland. I spent my alone time (as we all arrived at different times and came from different locations) to play around with the freshly downloaded app. And of course, taking photos of my food. What's with that, really?! Why do I do that?! I eat with my eyes?! With my iPhone?! I wish... Anyhow, all of the photos below have been taken with iPhone 4S and edited with VSCO Cam app (yup, you can take photos with it or edit the ones you have taken previously). 

First of all, I LOVE flying! Seriously, it's as close to living in a magical cotton candy land as one can get. What's there not to love?!
And I love plane food. No joke. Maybe it's all programmed in me as I first boarded a plane when I was a newborn. Okay, it only took us 20min to an island, but you know, my body was all like - yeah, kicking ass in the air! Plane food is like a surprise egg - you never know what's inside! Sometimes you can also be left puzzled what was it that you ate. Still, I approve.
Not to mention that anything tastes good with the amazing sky high views.
I think one very legit reason to get excited over a meal is the fact (no, not that it's a surprise on a plane) that it is something simple you love, but haven't had for ages. Like cottage cheese. And potatoes in a non french fry mode. I almost weeped when I shoveled this in at this lovely artsy place in Poznan.
A really lovely place with origami birds and all.
I don't have that many iPhone shots from Poznan as I used my real camera for the bigger part of the time. Also, spent most of Monday at a mall with friends. Drinking coffee. Eating. Chatting. Doing a tiny bit of shopping. It was the post-party day. No-one was up for I dunno... hiking or museums. Luckily museums are closed on Mondays, so no bad conscious there. Moreover, the mall looked real nice. 
And they had a neat cafe with peonies (yay, flower-love) and pretty cups of coffee.
I have a ton of photos of Poznan waiting to be edited. I think it's a town where Southern Germany meets Berlin. It has a bit of all. Yeah, well, maybe it's weird to compare it to German towns, but I have been to a bunch of German towns. So well. There you go. Poznan is lovely. It has a river! A river makes any place more special.
And it has a fun biker monument. 
And quirky ice cream. With cactus flavor for example. Yes, I did eat that neon sweet thing.
It was four days and three nights. Spending time with some of the best people ever. And then it was back on the plane. Luckily Lufthansa still provides free newspapers and coffee at its Munich terminal. I love reading fancy newspapers (e.g. "International Herald Tribune" and "The Financial Times") when I travel. Plus you know, coffee-coffee-coffee.
However, my flight from Munich was delayed and I had finished reading my book. Oh and my gate was next to a cutsie cute design shop. There. I am an easy target to those people trying to sell useless (nooo, cute things are cute, not useless) stuff. 
See, there you go, I LOVE taking photos with my iPhone and then editing them a bit and sharing. Life is good as long as there's a camera, any camera. 

Time to wrap up the midnight story telling. Have a good weekend and see you on Sunday for some 'in the air' photos. 



  1. Love your pics!
    Lol and actually I know this guy who's sitting at the table. He was working on his PhD when I graduated from the university, which is situated nearby. Not sure what he was busy with but definitely linguistics so that's why I remember him :)

    1. Oh my, it is a smaaaallll world! :D

  2. I'm so glad to find someone who loves airplane food as much as I do! No one gets that! In real life I avoid processed foods, but I love the cute packaging and individualized portions of plane food. The dessert is always my favorite. No matter what it is, I'll eat it...and my boyfriend's portion too!

    Great photos, happy to have come across your blog - I'll be following!

    1. Yay for plane food and welcome to my blog! Happy to see you here! :)