Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Week

iPhone 4S, VCSO cam, A Beautiful Mess
Musical week this week. Saw Of Monsters and Men last night and will attend a local city music festival over the weekend. Me likes. Hope to snap some photos and discover new artists.

Last week I read this article on Petapixel and gotta say that yeah, so it is:
I have discovered that photography has pushed me to live more, to see more of the world, and to become more understanding of what is important to me.
I always find it difficult to explain why I love photography, I think Frank did a pretty good job tho. Relatable, highly so. So, take a moment and check out what he had to say. Frankly (pun intended) I can't say if I take photos, because of the way I see the world or I see the world in a certain way, because I take a lot of photos. A mixture maybe?! What I do know is that if I take a moment to pay attention to my surroundings then I can see something fun every day on my way to work. Like this cool biker chihuahua. 
iPhone 4S, Instagram
Yeah, am gonna buy your love with a photo of a puppy! I'm cheap like that. Have a kick-ass week and take some photos (but only if you feel like it, not 'cos of the peer pressure ;))!


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  1. Ok, it was a success ... my love was bought with the photo of the cute puppy. Because really, how could it not have been?

    Lucky you for the live music you are seeing/hearing. I am feeling withdrawal symptoms.