Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

This is how my summer partially looks like - with a special map in my bag all times. I walk around a lot, so why not pop into some small galleries and bigger exhibition spaces. However, it does take some discipline, have to follow the map and spot the signs, not just rush through the town. International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts is in town!

What's the point? Well, but life is a scavenger hunt! In a way at least. There's no guide book, there are no rules set in stone. Plus no-one has a clue what's the prize. However, I do believe that all we do and see and hear piles up somewhere inside our heads and it's good. It's interesting and it helps to see the world from different angles. Long story short - I just find it pretty cool. 

So I try to have a map with me (a mental one at most cases) and pop into galleries and museums or just stroll down hidden alleyways. Or then listen to (new) music. Live! Live experiences totally overrule all less live experiences. This also applies to photography. A real life print is so much more than an image on an iPhone screen. Obviously. 

Perhaps the prize is inspiration and curiosity (ever so often I find something that makes me wanna find out more about it)?!!

Do I like everything I see and hear? Do I know everything about art? Do I know all the names? No. Nooo... after all, I am a simple person who enjoys puppies and sunshine. And snapping photos with my smartphone. And using A Beautiful Mess App

However, I like to encourage everyone to make that little extra step and go see a less mainstream exhibition, walk down a random alley or give an odd new band a try. There's nothing to lose. Sure thing you might stumble upon things you don't like. That's fine. But it's still another little clue on the scavenger hunt of life.  And I hear the prize might be pretty good when you add some visual arts to your map, fill parts of your head with different images and sounds. 


Ps. This update is partially (read: foremost) a pep talk to myself. So I would always keep going, keep discovering. Because at times it is SO easy to crawl up on the sofa and watch an endless amount of TV series and films. Nothing wrong with that either, but you know...  when done in moderation (guess how many times I have seen all the episodes of Gilmore Girls; numbers shall not be named as the count has been lost a long while ago). 


  1. Your post reminds me of a saying that Nick often uses ...'It is the journey that is the prize'.