Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 25: White

There, it's been decided. I am not the time master. Time is a flow of moments and those moments just pass by like nothing... whoosh. Especially in summer. Summer moments pass by faster. It's almost midnight, again.  

In my defense (geee, law school, thanks) - I have been taking tons of photos lately. The whole idea of this 52 weeks project was to push me shooting on a regular basis. I hope to share some shots from a music festival I attended last weekend. However, before that I still have some whites to post.

I wonder if those artists who shoot abstracts are actually like me and go: oh, I really don't feel like leaving the house, let's see what we can find here. Yeah, probably not. Didn't think so. Nevertheless I have some white walls and pipes.

I also have a fake marble (I believe it's fake, it must be) sink on my terrace. 

Okay, so while I am not the time master I must be a liar 'cos I say I love colors. Colorful things. But all I seem to have is a ton of white.

Even my clothes are white! Okay, this is starting to weird me out here. Photographic therapy?!

Then again, what else is to be expected from someone who keeps white unicorns as pets. Trapped in a glass bowl.

Lessons learned - impossibly hard to shoot white things and make then look crispy white on photos. Must work on that. Also, what's with the unicorns?! Bottom line - summer is here and I am totally having a bit of this school's out for summer thing going on here. It's a good feeling tho. Summer, finally! Look out for festival photos this week! And something for this week's project (shall find out tomorrow what it is). 



  1. I didn't know you were in law school. You must be happy to have your summer holidays from that. My husband just finished a certificate program at university in April and he is now actually missing school! I like your white shots.

    1. Well, I am out of school for some good years now, but a) I still can feel the influence (as in I need to defend myself, LOL) and b) somehow I got this feeling like when I was younger - summer freedom. Despite the fact that I am actually not on a real holiday, work-work-work.

  2. It is hard. I set out this winter to take pictures of snow. The first ones were positively ... Green. Actually, my goal was to learn to manually set the white balance.

    1. The thing is that of course no white is truly white. Shadows and shades give the shape (when talking about all white objects). I have no goal regarding white balance when I shoot, I just readjust it in Lightroom (the perks of shooting in raw). x)