Monday, June 3, 2013

Dirty Darkness

First of all, I am having hard time believing it's June already. Week 23 already!

The thing with languages you know, there's this thing. For example this week's word in Estonian is must which has two meanings - black or dirty. I will go with black, but maybe it'll turn out dirty. You never know. 

This week's photos will be up sometime next week, I suspect, because I am flying out to Poland to celebrate my friend's wedding. 

If you happen to be in Madrid then I suggest you check out the homepage of Photo EspaƱa - a lot of cool stuff is happening in the area in June and July. I really hope to visit some of the exhibitions. Who said summer is a slow lazy sunny time?! Summer is gonna be bus-y! In a fun way of course. And there will be some holidays and travels, too. And concerts. 

Have a good week and catch some sunshine!


Ps. I just love peonies! 


  1. It's weird how summer is always busy. I always think it will be the least busy time of the year. LIES.

    1. Same here. Always, always. Not saying bad busy, but still... it's like - where did summer go?! LIES. LIES.