Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 23: Black

At Munich airport. Flight postponed. Bored out of my mind as had finished reading my book and kinda just wanted to nap on the plane. And then - there he is! A man dressed all in black wearing a cool hat. Perfect, mission completed. Photo for week 23.
iPhone 4S, VSCOcam, Instagram
You know, spending a long weekend catching up with friends and celebrating a wedding - couldn't make myself think of anything black. And all the dirty thoughts came in sugar coated packages. 

For this week I have pulled out 'in the air'. And I already have some thoughts up my sleeve. 

Hope you all are enjoying what seems to be summer, finally! 



  1. I like the shot. Very mysterious. Fun fun fun that you have a wedding to attend. Sadly, we don't have any to go to this summer.

    1. Oh yes, weddings are fun. I wish there were more. I also realized I have been invited to more weddings abroad than at home. Globalization at its best. :)