Thursday, July 11, 2013

All Over

I am all over interwebs! Come, let's have a virtual hangout!

My newest virtual baby is my Facebook page:
I am still "building" it, but since most people are lazy and once they're one Facebook they might like your page, but won't click through to get to your Flickr account then well, it's handy to have a place there for my photos and all. Plus I get to share it with people who are not my Facebook friends. 

Among other things I post favorites from the past there, like this snap shot from a park in Helsinki in 2010.

So as mentioned earlier, I have a Flickr account, too:
It is basically the place I stock my photos online. A lot of uploading to be done, but some fun things are already there. Like my photos from the music festival I attended some weeks ago.

Cool people.

For more of Spanish festival fashion click here.

Cool music. These New Puritans.

For even more cool music click here. Ah yes, music is my therapy (read more on it here).

So there, cool stuff there on Flickr, I tell you. 

Aha, yes, I am also on Twitter:
Gotta say tweeting is not my strong suit, but sometimes I comment on colorful bunny-eared iPhone cases and such. Plus I retweet fun things and interesting things. Totally. 

And of course Instagram, I am somewhat addicted to it:
I have a posted a bunch of Instagram photos also on this blog. Moreover, I wrote a whole post about it! Here's one of my recent favorites.

In addition to Instagram I used my two current favorite apps to edit this photo: VSCO Cam and A Beautiful Mess

This week I have a friend visiting and on Sunday we're off to Lisbon, Portugal for some days (yes, mini-vacation!). I am surely gonna share some photos on the go on Instragram. 

Are you on social media? Let me know, so I can like, share and keep in touch. 


Ps. You can follow my blog on Bloglovin (see link on the right)!

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  1. wow enjoy your vacation in Lisbon! I may be a bit biased because it's where I live but I love the city :)
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming