Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 29: Borderline

This time I am gonna share some photos from my awesome mini trip to Lisbon, Portugal. However, I am staying true to last week's topic - borderline. So am going to share photos from one city, from one area (central Lisbon according to touristy map), but showing different worlds. To me Lisbon was very borderline, it left me with strong impressions and quite a few questions. Beautiful and exciting as well as shabby, modern as well as old fashioned. In despair, in celebration. And so on. Hope I have managed to put some of this into the photos below. I feel a bit guilty rushing into it (took a lot of photos and haven't had proper time to process them all - mentally as well as physically), but hey, weekly project waits for no one.  

I am working on my holiday photos, so it's very likely that some more images from Lisbon will pop up here or on my Facebook page or on Flickr

This week's challenge - bitter.



  1. Oi, head pildid, Kaisa! Ootan siis Kalevipoja mõrudat (mõrut?) sugulast silmatoidulauale.

    1. Tänks, Merje! Ma kusjuures kohe mõtlesin Bitteri peale. Kahetsusega tõdesin, et mul pole ühtegi tahvlit käepärast. Mugav pildistaja nagu ma olen.

  2. Beautiful shots Kaisa. You captured a lonesome and somewhat eerie feel. I've always wanted to go to Portugal and look forward to your vacation pictures.