Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 27: Yellow

Last weekend I was racing bulls in Pamplona, Spain, so a lot of red and not so much yellow. Okay, okay, I did not run with the bulls, I didn't even see them. However, I was at San Fermín Festival. I will let my photos do the talking 'cos I was left speechless more than once. You can find the photos on my Facebook page. Yes, I have a Facebook page now, have a look here and press 'like' if you like. :) 

On a side note - the whole running with bulls, a minor deal. Well, it lasts like 3 minutes and one has to be there 6AM to catch a sight of a bull at 8AM. So, I didn't see it, but I was near the people who did not sleep that night and claimed a spot with a view. However, the festival is surely more about sangria showers and such.

Ah, but to the yellow. I caught some little yellow moments on a beach in Biarritz, France. Yes, Pamplona is a short ride away from this gorgeous small town. I am such a granny, I prefer nice seaside towns and late brunch over getting soaked in alcohol. Yellow!

Paradise for surfers and me (who doesn't like surfers, right?!).

Hope you're having a sunny and adventurous summer. Any exciting plans?


Ps. This week's topic is - fashion!

*All photos shot with Canon EOS 6D and 40mm f/2.8  lens. Edited in Lightroom 4. 


  1. Gorgeous shots! It looks like a dreamy beach. I saw a clip of the running of the bulls on the news and can't really say I understand the concept. It seems a strange thing to do! But I guess in Spain where everyone knows about it, it seems normal. Anyway, I think I would have chosen the beautiful beach like you.

    1. Thanks!

      Well. running with bulls IS strange and I guess these days it is more of a tourist attraction. Plus I think it's funny how it's the main thing they show everywhere, but in reality in the festival most people never see it 'cos it's 8AM and not many viewing points. And massive (drunk) crowd. Of course.