Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 26: Together in the Kitchen

Last week I was busy building my own superman army in the kitchen. I mean, you only want the best company in the kitchen and I totally fell for those Superman glasses you get for one Euro with your lunch at Rodilla (Spanish sandwich place). I have five by now, one more and it's a nice set of six. Perfect for summer drinks like tinto de verano. Also, holds well other important things - like cardboard box leftover of the black&white film I popped into my old film camera. Not old like yeah, grandpa used it in WWII and all. But old like 10 years old. 

So, here's the photo of being together in the kitchen - my (super)men and my passion.

Other than that I haven't spent that much time in the kitchen (did make my favorite risotto tho - Jamie Oliver is an inspiration and kitchen god, yes). I have been breathing in the summer (read: spent sunny hours hiding indoors under the air conditioner like a true vampire, yikes; but spending more nights out, obviously). Also, have been working a bit on my blog and future Facebook page. As you might have noticed then redirects you to Yes, I got my own domain name. Possibly one day I will build a website. But right now it seemed like too much (hosting plans and all). Better spend some time outdoors. Can go all super-nerd in winter.  

So, some changes still might appear on this blog (for example I have updated 'About' section). Plus I am excited about getting a Facebook page (though it all takes work - a page needs content). To make long story short. But I did take cover photos on Sunday morning in the park (Instagram proof).

I can't believe it's July already! It's gonna be a busy month with trips to Pamplona (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal) and at least four concerts - Ben Howard, Tame Impala, Fanfarlo and Devendra Banhart. Oh and you know, full time work and being all summery and chill and stuff like that. Even living in a sunny country doesn't mean that summers are long enough. They're not.

Hope you're having a good summer.



  1. blog design? I LOVE IT. I love those glasses, too cute.

    Didn't June go super fast? I am kind of bummed because it was my birthday month. :)

    1. Thanks!!
      Uh-oh, I have no idea whatever happened to June and where did it go!