Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elevating Spring

So this week I will be shooting elevators. The word on the street is that I won't be encountering that many elevators 'cos currently I am crawled up in fort pillows&sofa shooting cups of tea and some flu medicine. Trying to get some work done and entertain myself. Even if sick people should sleep all the time then I am humanly incapable of sleeping 24/7. 

I had these photos ready before the flue swiped me off my feet, so here you go - signs of spring in rainy Madrid. Retiro Park is such a treat (and relatively biker-friendly, yay).  
The Armpit Men?!

I was trying to shoot squares. Almost, right? I mean, what else are bike pedals for... framing.

Goat Cabaret 

Cabbage?! Yes, cabbage! And it smells like it!

Happy first day of Spring!



  1. Sorry to hear you're sick :( Great photos, as always!

    1. Thank Loulou! Well, I am getting better little by little. :)