Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 11: Squares

You have been squared! Yes. So, here's the story. I was so close to giving up on this week's theme. I just didn't feel inspired and taking photos of tiles seemed like such a bore (and my imagination hit the wall there, at those bloody tiles). I had planned on taking a stroll in my favorite neighbourhoods and look for some inspiration, but it was rainy and I had to alter my plans. 

On a side note must say that I use the word 'squares' as a geometrical term (as opposed to town squares and such; in Estonian the word 'ruut' applies to a shape, not location). 

But then it hit me - there's no rule saying I have to take photos of  squares, I can take photos in squares. Starting with myself.
Cutting out the white noise...
My shoes match a trash container, that's what I call a true fashion statement
Follow the neon
Such fun! As would say Miranda's mom on a brilliant BBC comedy show called "Miranda". 

Moving on to signs of spring that every single year make me happy (and then it rains or snows depending on where I am currently living). 
I am addicted to blossoms 

From one thing to another, there's modern architecture that always offers angles, squares, all kinds of geometrical shapes. 

And then it happens - architecture meets spring! Yes, it's a messy affaire. 

Last, but not least I must say that street photography looks good in squares. Perhaps it's Instagram's influence. Doesn't really matter, now does it. As for now inspiration isn't copyrighted (or is it?). Yikes, a lawyer-joke sneaked in. I do apologize (no-one gets those apart from others who went to a law school, I do realize that). 

So what can I say - in the end this whole shooting in squares got me really inspired. Well, I did not shoot in squares, but did the cropping later on (to state the obvious). However, I was thinking in squares when framing the shots. Anyhow, I have lined up some nice (squared) photos for the upcoming week and I am looking forward to discovering theme for week 12. 

See you next week!



  1. These are great shots. So interesting. I especially like the one of the man reading in front of the shop window.

  2. That fuchsia flower is beautiful!


    1. It looks like they're the main decoration this spring in the city (alongside with decorative cabbage :P).