Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 12: Elevators

I love elevators, there are such fun quirky ones out there. It is also fun or extremely awkward to spend time with people on elevators or when the day so demands take photos of yourself in an elevator mirror. Fancy elevators have suede and velvet and chairs and all. And some elevators are too scary. Some elevators smell, some people in the elevators smell. Some elevators "talk". So, yes, I do like elevators. 

I used an elevator four times this week. Two times to get down to the pharmacy and the other two times to go to the supermarket. I did not encounter any interesting elevators and I tried not to breathe my flu bacteria (virus? whatever, am not a doctor) on my neighbor. To be fair, the elevator at my building is fascinating, but no photo can do it justice. It's one of a kind. It offers you the ultimate too-close-for-comfort experience. Even when riding alone. 

This is how my elevator looks outside. Yes, part of the mechanism just runs on the courtyard wall. Yes, I can hear it all the time, but I hardly take notice. I find it bizarre though. I would imagine all elevator-things should be inside, hidden. The soul of the elevator.

However, while I was not able to ride elevators and be out in the real world I did organize and edit my Istanbul photos from year 2011. Istanbul is one of the coolest cities I have ever visited. Mixture of different worlds and it has an elevating effect, literally.
Awesome, right!? See all of my Istanbul photos here!

Enjoy the last hours of this Sunday and have an elevating Easter week! Let's hope it will be filled with tons of inspiring real life activity. 



  1. I love that last picture. I also love how you frame your pictures with geometric shapes, too. love. love. love.

    I look at things the way you do. I'd become fascinated by everyday things like elevators :) I talk about fonts too much. And the design of kitchen objects.

    1. I get easily addicted to cutsie-cute stuff like geometric shapes. Hah. Well, I totally recommend Afterlight (aka Afterglow) app for that. I think it costs like a dollar or so.

      High-five fellow looker! (hm, that sounded somehow odd, but I am sure you get what I mean :D) I am initially drawn to all kinds of shapes and things and stuff. I can just find some place visually enjoyable even though it might be a dump. Or the other way around. And I notice small things. I can also overlook obvious things, but whatever. In any case I am (almost) never bored. Or then small things drive me nuts. Hahaa.

  2. I love how you describe your elevator as offering the "too close for comfort" experience. And as scary it may be, I do like the aesthetics of the elevator mechanisms on the outside!