Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Spirit

Hey there, folks! I really wanted to make a little Easter update to wish you all a lovely celebration of spring and new beginnings. 

While I do love bunnies and chocolate eggs and all I did not feel like putting up any super Easter decorations. Well, I don't own any and well, I was thinking it'd make more sense to have something that could last longer. Okay, fine, I just went with cute stuff I stumbled upon in a shop while shopping for reasonable things. So here's a sneak peak into my living room. 

The best buy - tulips! Nothing says spring more than tulips. I probably should move to The Netherlands. Tulips in Madrid are quite exclusive and pricey. But worth every penny. This vase gave me the Easter-mood I needed.
They have some character... 
... and match my wall!
My living room has those odd windows that I never open and while they let light in they are made of this kind of smokey glass. I have also normal windows in the room, so I am all good to go. Anyhow, I decided to spice up the weirdo windows for spring. To have something else than raindrops to look at. 
Some light-green ribbon that cost me like seventy five cents.

It looks adorable in real life, my photographing skills don't do it all the justice.
The other window got some little paper flag chains and an odd polar bear or two. Those polar bears looked cuter than the bunnies. 
There is this shop called Tiger. Roar. Love.
Okay, but no Easter is complete without some bunnies and some chocolate.
Confession-time: this bunny does not look that complete anymore. Oops. 
Wish you all a lovely Easter weekend!



  1. Ahh! I cannot find any tuplips, anywhere. Those are lovely. Did you change the design of your site? I like it. (if no: I'm losing it)

    Have a great Easter!

    1. Tulips should be a basic human right, available to all! Hm, nope, I haven't changed a thing (I have been thinking about it tho). Great Easter to you, too! :)

  2. Your springtime decorations are lovely. I do love a chocolate bunny too!

    1. Thank you! The bunny is also delicious. ;)